Massey Information

This information has been gathered from a variety of sources Massey Books, Service Manuals, Websites, and Fellow Collectors. We have attempted to get the most accurate data possible, but there still could be errors. If you find any errors please let us know, we are not responsible for any mechanical problems caused from using the following data.

Massey Engine Data:
Serial Numbers Ignition Specifications RPM Settings Compression & Valve Settings
Distributor Timing Specs Carburetor Settings Liquid Capacities Camshaft & Valve Timing
Diesel Injection Pump Timing Model F162 Engine Model F124 Engine Model F140 Engine
Model F226 Engine Model E201 Engine Model ED201 Engine Model H260 Engine
Model H277 Engine Model J382 Engine Model JD382 Engine Model HD260 Engine


Miscellaneous Massey Information:
Massey Paint Codes Massey Clubs  


Massey Combine Information:
MH Combine Models    


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