Massey-Harris Engine Serial Numbers are proceeded by a code or size number. To simplify these charts this number is used instead of the tractor model number. These numbers are listed as follows:

Model Engine
21 F-124
22 F-140
23 F-140
30 F-162
33 G, K E-201
33 D ED-201
44-6 F-226
44 G, K, L.P. H-260
S44 G H-277
44 D, Special HD-260
55 G, K, L.P. J-382
55D JD-382

The Serial Number is located on the left center of the engine on F-124, F-140, F-162 and F-226 models. It is located on the right side in either the upper left or upper right hand corner of the engine on E-201, ED-201, H-260, HD-260, J-382, JD-382 and H-277 models. Some L.P. models have the Serial Number stamped on the right rear engine mounting flange.


A.B.D.C.     After Bottom Dead Center L.P.         Low Pressure Gas
A.T.D.C.      After Top Dead Center MAX.      Maximum
B.B.D.C.      Before Bottom Dead Center Min.         Minimum
B.T.D.C.      Before Top Dead Center Oz.           Ounces
Clear.           Clearance Pos.          Positive
Cyl.              Cylinder P.S.I.        Pounds Per Square Inch
D                  Diesel R.P.M.      Revolutions Per Minute
Dia.               Diameter R.S.           Row Crop Single Wheel
G                  Gas R.T.           Row Crop Twin Wheel
H.A.             High Arch STD.          Standard
K                  Distillate T.D.C.        Top Dead Center


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