Massey Registration Page FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Can I edit the information that I entered?

No, however if you make a mistake you can e-mail the webmaster and send him a can of Pepsi and he will correct the mistake. Maybe that would be a feature for Version 3.5 presently we are at Version 1.0.

Can you explain what each condition means?

Sure, I created that to help and give some regularity for all users.

Will my e-mail address be sold to spammers?

Not if I have anything to say about it. I dislike spam just like everyone else, your e-mail address is only available to The Massey Board.Com staff. Thus, it would only be used by The Massey Board.Com staff to contact you in regards to your registration or the website.

How long have you been thinking about this idea?

In January of 2002 I posted a survey on the site to find out what type of interest there might be. It was overwhelmingly positive, people wanted something like this. I suppose a few months prior to that I had been thinking about it. Unfortunately due to my graduation from Purdue and sub sequential summer position at Deere & Company I did not have the needed time to get it done. After summer 2002 ended I was back at Purdue working on my masters degree busier than ever. So, I made it my #1 priority to get done over Christmas Break 2002 and I succeeded.

What caused you to come up with the idea?

I realized that I had no idea how many Massey's were out there being used and shown or just sitting in a barn. After talking with some farmers and discovering that they to had a small collection of antique tractors I decided it would be neat to see what was still out there and in what state. So, now you can register your equipment and then see where all the Massey's are located at today.

How many lines of code did it take?

I ended up with over 2,405 lines, 6,842 words, and 64,288 characters. Just a little bit of programming:)

Do you plan to have a place for a photo?

I have just started "playing" with the idea, however no real plans yet. You can post your photo on the website and I may make a way to reference the photo to the registration page. A photo section would be something for Version 2.5.

Can I add the year of my tractor somewhere?

You could place the year in the "Comments" section of the registration. I thought about putting that it, however it seemed like a lot of people got confused about what year their tractor was. I do plan to put some serial number information so you could cross reference it to find the year. Maybe Version 2.35 will have a place for the "year":)

What are you going to do with the information I enter?

Try to sell it on e-bay:) Hahah, just joking. We will display the public information about the tractor and safely store your confidential information such as your address. However, I would refer you to our Privacy Statement for in depth information.


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